Mitch Cooke fished peg 46 early in the week with his  son and was rewarded with 2 fish to mud doubles. Paul Cartwright opted to fish peg 44 in the far bank trees and had 3 fish to lo doubles

Brett senior also had a session with his son and had a single fish a lo double. Scott Briody returned to his favourite peg 46 and was rewarded with several fish to 18lb all came to pink wafters fished over a bed of pellets.

Darrell Elliot also returned and chose to fish peg 28 on the roadside bank and had a dozen fish to mid doubles all fell to either a pop up or drilled pellet over a corn and pellet bed and all came on his left hand rod in the margins.

Steve Bowler fished peg 36 on the railway bank and had several fish most hi doubles all fell to drilled 16mm pellet fished in a small pva bag cast into the margins.

Rich Middleton had 1 fish at around 16 lb off peg 24 caught on a 4g squid boilie at around 30yds.

The fish are now confidently feeding well in the margin shelves and a big hit is due to someone in the next week or so.. Keep those pictures coming for the monthly photo comp. Full details are on our facebook page.