Lee Howitson and Danny Banks made an inaugural visit to the fishery this week and opted to fish on the back of the wind in the far bank trees.Lee had 8 fish to mid doubles whilst his pal Danny on the next peg had 4 to mid doubles , fishing a mixture of pop up and bottom baits over a bed of particle and pellet at around 80 yards.

John Bradley had a nicely scaled 15lb mirror off the platform.

Neil Beard returned again and also fished the far bank midweek to take 5 fish to 18lb.

Lee Bell continued his good run of fish and banked 12 fish to just over 30lb..Lee began his session with a double take which resulted in a 20lb+ mirror and a new pb and lake record common of 30lb 12oz,the common was full of the hemp and pellet freebies Lee was fishing over it had been well and truly gorging itself..Lees fish all fell to pop ups fished at 80 yards.

Kurt Thorpe fished peg 46 and had 7 runs for 3 fish to 22lb.

Andrew Hislop fished peg 45 and had 8 runs or 3 fish to 16lb.

All in all a decent week with the Christmas holidays this coming week id like to wish all our customers seasonal greetings and may the new year supply good luck and a bend or two in the rods..