Shaun Haynes visited and fished off the railway bank taking fish to 20lb..
Team Active Baits held a autumn/winter match here and we saw 44 anglers from Lithuania/Slovakia/Poland and England brave some horrendous weather conditions to have their match/social..Now these eastern Europeans get some horrible press coverage for a few bad apples amongst them but I gotta say I thoroughly enjoyed hosting these lads,polite,respectful and extremely friendly they were and would recommend any lake that they contact to use in the future gives them a fair chance you won’t be disappointed.
1st place went to Michal Kluk with 50lb 10oz , 2nd spot with 50lb 2oz was Robert Mulawa whilst 3rd place and the largest fish went to Mark Madjeski.
Young Kieron Clark (9yrs old) fishes regularly with his grandad Bill and during his last visit Kieron gained a new pb and his first 20 with a clonking 20lb 9oz mirror, it makes it even better as Kieron rolls his own baits using crushed pellets as a base mix adding different flavours as he needs , this fish falling to a cork dust water with added Trigga.
Keith Mcance did an overnights off the car park and had fish to 18lb fishing vortex coo pop ups over pellet and particle.
Venue bailiff Ian Harley had fish to 22lb 8oz fishing bookies over pellet/corn .
Mark Lewis had fish to hi doubles off the road bank fishing sweet corn over corn /pellet
Kai Gee fished the railway bank and casting to the far bank margins had fish to high doubles..
Please note we are now using our winter opening /closing times of 7am-5pm.