Booking & Prices

The venue will be open for 12 and 24+ hour tickets Monday to Thursday of each week and also 24 hour tickets weekends subject to availability.

To Check availability, Book a swim or for any questions please call 07905 247777

If the ground is dry enough, you will be able to drive to your swim to drop off tackle then Park your car in the car park, if the ground is too wet you will have to Barrow it.


£15 for 12 hrs

£25 for 24 hrs

£45 for 48 hrs

£65 for 72 hrs

£140 for 7 days

When booking 25% of payment is non refundable if a refund is required. (No refund will be given if less than 14 days notice).

Trent view pellets/boilie available from bailiff £10/4kg pellet, £8.50/1kg boilie, pop-ups £6 pot


For Enquiries contact IAN on 07905 247777

or contact us through Facebook


Gonalston Lane



NG14 7JJ

Please post any good photos you have on our FB page.

Emergency Contact: 07905 247777