Fishery Rules

NO BBQ or FIRE Pits using COALS or WOOD to be used at the FISHERY

3 Rods maximum.

All swims to be kept free from litter at all times. All litter to be taken home.

Landing nets must be 42″ minimum.

Only Carp cradles and large beanie unhooking mats allowed, and are required.

No carp to be retained at any time.

NO WADING is permitted into the lake – Remain on the bank at all times

No Leaders, only tubing.

Barbless & Micro-barb hooks only.

No fixed rigs. Rig checks will be carried out by bailiffs.

12 lb minimum line.

NO Braided MainlineĀ 

Fish must be returned quickly to avoid causing unnecessary stress.

No juniors without adult supervision at anytime.

Strictly no nuts (including Tiger nuts).

Particles allowed in moderation (only shop bought prepared particles).

Radios permitted but not loud (do not disturb other anglers).

No rods to be left unattended at anytime.

Alcohol allowed but drunkenness is not tolerated.

Klin-Ik or similar to be carried by all anglers.

Dogs are allowed but must be kept on leads, quiet and cleaned up after – no excuses!

Anyone found breaking these rules will be asked to leave the fishery.